net applique
net collar
venise lace under 5
venise lace over 5
allover venise lace
metallic venise lace
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metallic applique
allover schiffli embroidered net lace

About us is an Embroidery specialty store. I sell all kinds of embroidery products, but I specialize in laces, particularly venise laces which are one of the most elegant types. They feature close stiches that create a heavy raised design. Venise laces have silky threads (rayon or cotton) connecting the motifs with an open work. Venise laces can be purchased in trims, pairs of appliques, yoke, bodice, inserts, single motifs or wider yardage.

The origin of my laces are from Northern New Jersey, the "Embroidery capital of the world". I have collected laces for the past 16 years and currently possess rare and hard to find laces due to the closing of most factories in the area over the past 7 years.

The majority of my laces were obtained from the most prominent manufacturers in the area such as Touch of Lace, Tone Embroidery, Manhattan Lace, Quadelle Textile corp., etc. My prices fall below not only whole sale, but also some manufacturers prices.

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